What does ADVANCE stand for?

ADVANCE stands for: Accelerating Data Value Across a National Community Health Center Network.

What does ADVANCE do?

ADVANCE aims to:

  • Integrate outpatient, hospital, and community-level data into a single data management system
  • Expand efforts to engage patients and clinicians who contribute to the design, implementation, and interpretation of comparative effectiveness research
  • Develop electronic systems for recruiting study participants and collecting patient-reported data
  • Strengthen the infrastructure of our community academic partnerships to support patient-centered outcomes research, and support Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to become learning health systems
  • Build the capacity of our FQHC networks to meet research regulatory requirements
Who makes up the ADVANCE Clinical Research Network (CRN)?

ADVANCE partners include:

Click here for more information about those involved with ADVANCE.

What is included in the ADVANCE Data Warehouse?

ADVANCE has the largest clinical data set on the safety net population in the nation. Our data includes patients in both Medicaid and non-Medicaid expansion states and represents a large, diverse patient poplation particularly with regard to race and ethnicity. ADVANCE also includes a large portion of patients in poverty. For more information visit our ADVANCE Data page.

How is ADVANCE involved in patient and clinician engagement?

The Engagement Core is an operational team within ADVANCE that develops strategies, protocols, and tools to support the engagement of patients, clinicians, and member organizations in research projects and proposal development. Please visit our Engagement page.

What is ADVANCE currently working on?

ADVANCE is currently working on several projects. For more information including project summaries, please visit our Current Projects page. You may also view our publications here.

How do I partner with ADVANCE?

If you are interested in partnering with ADVANCE, our Front Door can help with initiating the required approval process and work with you in determining how to proceed.

Every study is unique, but we typically ask that you allow approximately 60-90 days for us to fully vet and develop your proposal. This time period runs from the delivery of draft aims to the time you’ll need partner materials returned to your institution. This window of time is used for proposal vetting, engagement of our stakeholder groups, approval from our leadership, prep-to-research data work, and proposal development.

How do I attribute credit to ADVANCE?

We have developed guidelines covering a shared understanding and approach for disseminating research findings from ADVANCE projects. These guidelines include ADVANCE project definitions, acknowledgement and authorship guidelines, branding, PCORI dissemination guidelines, and information about our dissemination review process. 

These guidelines are made available on our What We Do page or can be downloaded here.