Greetings, ADVANCE colleagues! Welcome to the new ADVANCE web page. Tiffany Prescott and MJ Dunne have done a lot of great work putting it together. Thanks to them for all of their hard work and fantastic talent!

Our goals for the web site are to attract new research partners to ADVANCE and to share information about the important work everyone on the team is doing, including all of you. We welcome your feedback! Please email with any ideas and suggestions.

As we enter the third and final year of the second phase of PCORnet, a lot of exciting work is continuing and a lot of changes are coming up, too. To mention a few:

  • ADVANCE projects in flight: The Health Disparities Collaborative Research Group will continue through the 2017 calendar year at least; the PCORnet Antibiotic Obesity project will also continue into 2018; and many other ADVANCE affiliated research projects are also in progress.
  • The Health Systems Demo officially ended on August 31st, but dissemination efforts will continue.
  • Many new research proposals are being developed or have already been submitted for funding, including many from ADVANCE researchers as well as those from PCORnet.
  • Last but not least, applications to join the new People Centered Research Foundation (PCRF) will be going out soon. All current PCORnet networks will be invited to join. ADVANCE will also apply for membership. We will keep everyone appraised of all developments.

Thank you again, everyone, for being part of our team and helping to ADVANCE our mission: doing research that will improve the care and outcomes for safety net populations and the clinics that serve them. You are all vital members of our team, and I am proud to work with each and every one of you.

Jon Puro, ADVANCE Principle Investigator