Welcome to September, everyone! We greatly appreciate your continued support for the ADVANCE Collaborative and are excited to share some of our most notable achievements from the last several months.


In April, Erika Cottrell, PhD MPP, OCHIN Investigator and Jean Baker, Patient Advisor provided an update for the for the Health Systems Demonstration III Project on “Bridging the Gaps: Using Data to Understand the Social Determinants of Health.” Additionally, Dr. Cottrell and Mrs. Baker published “Decoding the social determinants of health” in Portland newspaper Street Roots. In May, Research Associate April Lee and Site PI Jonathan Todd published an article about the PaCR project titled “Study Examines Effectiveness of AMA-Developed Program and Protocols for Blood Pressure Control”. The article described the PaCR project and along with updates. In honor of Pride Month, we collaborated with other departments in OCHIN to publish an article titled “Why SOGI Best Practices Matter for Patients: SOGI Done Well Can Save Lives.” The article explores the importance of SOGI best practices for clinicians and clinic staff and the work that we are currently doing at OCHIN with Fenway Health.


In June, we wrapped up Season 3 of our Grand Rounds series with two presentations. In honor of Pride Month, we hosted Dr. Alex Keuroghlian & Chris Grasso of ADVANCE partner The Fenway Institute for their presentation: Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in the EHR and Improving Quality of Care for LGBTQ Patients. Excitingly, their presentation drew the largest audience of the year. The presentation is hosted on OCHIN’s Youtube account here.

Our second Grand Rounds event featured Dr. Rachel Gold of OCHIN, Inc. & Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research presenting OCHIN’s Social Determinants of Health Research Portfolio. To watch a recording of the event, please click here.


Our ADVANCE Team produced and submitted the Q3 progress report to the Central Office back in June. The report outlined key accomplishments and progress of activities that occurred during the Q3 reporting period including governance and reporting, engagement work, data, and more. Thank you to the ADVANCE Project Manager, Mary Frances Ritchie, and ADVANCE Project Coordinator, Adrienne Cherry, for coordinating the Q3 reporting efforts.


PCORI Annual Meeting Presentation

Mary Frances Ritchie, Rebecca Block, Jon Puro, and Anna Templeton will be presenting a poster at this year’s PCORI Annual Meeting. The poster looks at how research networks develop engagement models based on stakeholder input; models must adapt as networks change. The poster, titled “Engagement in ADVANCE Clinical Research Network (CRN)”, builds on engagement models from the OCHIN collaborative, which leads provider engagement through a practice-based research network (PBRN). Research utility of our EHR data has increased and we’ve developed the nation’s largest research data warehouse for safety-net populations. To further integrate stakeholder involvement, OCHIN established a Patient Engagement Panel (PEP). PEP membership has broadened to reflect OCHIN’s growth and the engagement methods shifted to account for increasingly diverse stakeholders.

Grand Rounds

We are eager to kick off our 4th Grand Rounds season on October 18th from 12 – 1pm PT with Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, Chair of the Department of Communication at Portland State University. Dr. Robinson will be presenting on communication strategies to improve childhood vaccination rates. Invitations will be sent out in the next few weeks. If you would like to join the Grand Rounds mailing list to receive your invitation, please email William Pinnock at pinnockw@ochin.org.


Finally, as you know, the ADVANCE Retreat is coming up next month October 30th – 31st.We are so looking forward to hosting the ADVANCE partners in the beautiful downtown Portland, OR. Details regarding travel arrangements and booking instructions, please see the ADVANCE Weekly Newsletter or contact Adrienne Cherry at cherrya@ochin.org.

We hope you are enjoying the last few breaths of summer. We’re expecting a busy fall season and look forward to sharing more next quarter.